We specialized in adjusting all types of losses in the categories below:
Fire & Special Perils Losses
We adjust all types of fire and allied losses to buidings, stock including plant and machinery...More
Business interruption Losses
Business interruption Losses...More
Contractor\'s & Erection All risks losses
Contractor\'s & Erection All risks losses...More
Marine cargo, hull damage & Goods in Transit losses
Marine cargo, hull damage & Goods in Transit losses...More
Theft / Burglary losses
Theft / Burglary losses...More
Liability Losses
Liability Losses...More
Machinery breakdown Losses
Machinery breakdown Losses...More
Fidelity guarantee losses
Fidelity guarantee losses...More
Contractor\'s Plant & machinery losses
Contractor\'s Plant & machinery losses...More
Electronic & Media Data Losses
Electronic & Media Data Losses...More
All Risks Losses
All Risks Losses...More
Asset Valuation & Appraissals
Asset Valuation & Appraissals...More
Insurance Claims dispute mediation
Insurance Claims dispute mediation...More