About Us

Our  Company We are chartered loss adjusters providing claims management, loss adjusting, marine surveying, asset valuations, risk assessments, construction project appraisal reporting and insurance claims dispute resolution services. Our primary services target the Insurance industry and self-Insured customers, construction companies, financial institutions, and auditing firms - for mergers and takeover asset valuations. We are a BVI incorporated and registered registerd company and have been been operating from our offices in Kuwait City, Kuwait since April 2013. Over the last 8 years we have continued to serve the Kuwait Market and the greater Middle East and North Africa region. We also opened a New Zealand Office in 2018 mainly dealing with catasprohic / storm and earthquake related losses in south East Asia- Australia & New Zealand and the greater Pacific Islands region. From our Uganda branch - Claim Care Uganda Limited and in Rwanda- Claim Care Rwanda Limited, we have continued as market leaders in providing loss adjusting services, risk evaluation and dispute resolution to the Insurance Insdustry in East & Central Africa region. We have a highly qualified team of experienced professional staff capable of handling all types of losses anywhere in our markets. The key personnel who are also responsible for daily operations of the company are highly qualified and chartered loss adjusters with loss adjusting experience of over 30 years gained in many countries. Our Vision To be the preffered claims management, loss adjusting and marine surveying services provider in our markets. Our Mission We are passionate about claims. The size does not matter, small or large claims, they are all claims, they all have value and cost effect to our customers and their clients and we therefore dipense the same treatment of applying  the following core values and capabilities:-          1. Courtsey, attention to detail and investigative skills to establish the facts of each individual claims / losses.          2. Through Committed team of charterred loss adjusters, engineers, surveyors and valuers, they apply their skills gained over many             years to make impartial, reasonable and fair decisions to all concerned parties.          3. Embracing and exploiting available claims solutions technology and to achieve efficiency in delivery of services to our customers.          3. Offering good Value services for money to our customers and equitale and fair return to our sharehlders.          4. Pride in recognizing, respecting and rewarding our employees for their efforts.          5. Constant research and development to identify and apply valued claims solution initiatives for the benefit of  our customers and their clients.