We specialized in adjusting all types of losses in the categories below:
Insurance Claims dispute mediation

Following the increased regulation of many business sectors by authorities and the impact of the global economic crisis, the Insurance and Reinsurance sector has undoubtedly been affected by larger and more varied claims and disputes over the last few years. Whether the subject matter relates to material fire damage, construction & engineering, loss of profits, marine cargo and / or stock damage disputes are often complex involving and affecting large groups of underwriters, brokers, claims managers, reinsurers and policy holders. Disputes involving contested coverage, reinsurance recoveries, commutation and insolvency/run-off are increasing in their frequency, complexity and scale, and whilst dispute resolution approaches such as arbitration and mediation are already used widely by clients, ClaimCare Limited has expert mediators, arbitrators capable and experienced to assist the parties to reach an amicable settlement and avoid high legal costs and the associated delays in resolving disputes.